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Special gift for supporters of my foundation. See the promo above and get your special copy of the year end show and help kids find their voices.

The JENNi20 Countdown is hosted by 16-year-old Jennifer Smart, who has been on the radio since she was six years old, and interviewing celebrities on video since she was 8. There are both audio and video versions of the JENNi20 Countdown, which feature songs from the JENNiRADIO playlist. These include clean Top 40 songs and television hits (from Disney and Nickelodeon stars), as well as a few fun extras. The countdown is controlled by viewers and listeners.To vote for your favorites, click VOTE NOW.

The JENNi20 Countdown is produced in Southern California and each episode features a different location. To have your location highlighted or become a featured business in a future episode, please Email Me.

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